Introduction to Databases : Practical Sessions by Bouchrika

Introduction to Databases : Practical Sessions is being taught by Imed Bouchrika at the University of Souk-Ahras. Imed Bouchrika received his Bsc and PhD degrees in Electronics and Computer Science from the University of Southampton in United Kingdom in 2004 and 2008 respectively. His research areas are image processing, biometrics and automated visual surveillance.

The outline of the sessions is set as below:

Week 1
PDF File: Writing Data into CSV file using Java
> Java Programming : Creating a simple java project using Eclipse
> Java Simple Program to write text data to a file
To Download :
> Java Development Kit
> Java Development Kit (64-Bit)

> Eclipse IDE (32-Bit)
> Eclipse IDE (64-Bit)

Week 2
PDF File: Reading Data from CSV file using Java
> Reading from a text file using Java
>Java Programming : Creating a Phonebook using a simple CSV file

Week 3
PDF File: Database Modelling : Entity-Relationship Diagram
>Drawing ER Diagrams with Dia Tool using Chen Notation
To Download:
> Dia Diagram Editor

Week 4
PDF File: Introduction to Relational Database Design
> How to Convert ER Diagram to Relational Database
>SQL Hello World: A simple guide to database systems using HSQLDB
To Download:
> HSQLDB : Relational Databases Manager (RDBMS)

Week 5
PDF File: SQL : Creating Tables and Data Manipulation
>SQL Tutorial : Creating a Table and Inserting data ( MySQL & HSQLDB )
To Download:
> HSQLDB : Relational Databases Manager (RDBMS)

Week 6
PDF File: SQL : SELECT using a single table
> SQL SELECT Tutorial : Searching & Querying the database
To Download:
> HSQLDB : Relational Databases Manager (RDBMS)

Week 7
PDF File: SQL : Join + Group by + Having
> Join : SELECT Tutorial using multiple database tables
> SQL SELECT Tutorial for Nested Queries ( Sub Queries )
> SQL tutorial for using Having with Examples

To Test Yourself:
>Simple SELECT Query from a single table
>Advanced Database Quiz Level 1

Week 8
PDF File: Java Connection with HSQLDB
> Java & HSQLDB : Connecting to a DBMS (HSQLDB) from Java Program