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xPath Processing for XML documents using Java

As defined earlier, XPath is a language for finding and searching information in an XML document using Path Expressions which is similar to the file system syntax. 1 If you can using Eclipse or other IDE, you may create a new project. 2 Create a new class named : ReadXPath 3 Copy ...Read More

Making Connection to Oracle Database System with Java

Oracle Database Creation 1 Open your Apex for Oracle: Click on Start -> All Programs -> Oracle database 11g Express Edition -> Go to Database Home Page 2 Visit the SQL Command : SQL -> SQL Command 3 Execute the following SQL to create a table called friends. create table friends( fname ...Read More

Java Programming : Creating a Phonebook using a simple CSV file

In this tutorial, we will create a simple phonebook system using a text file. This is without accessing or using any advanced database management system like Access, MySQL or Oracle. The program will be a textual interactive application without a graphical interface for the sake of simplicity ! We will be having ...Read More