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BaseX : Tutorial for using an XML Native Database Management System

XML is defined as a textual structured format for storing, representing and communicating data. The XML format is based on opening and closing tags for enclosing data content. As opposed to traditional databases, XML documents are portable and can be opened on any platform using any programming language. BaseX is a native ...Read More

xPath Made Simple : Tutorial for xPath Expression Languation

xPath is a language used for searching and exploring parts of an XML documents using Path Expressions which is similar the the file system. Given the following Examples of XML, we will illustrate the different syntax of xPath afterwards: <?xml version="1.0"?> <library> <book id="3"> <title language="en">Feature Extraction</title> <author gender="male">Mark Nixon</author> </book> <book ...Read More

xPath Processing for XML documents using Java

As defined earlier, XPath is a language for finding and searching information in an XML document using Path Expressions which is similar to the file system syntax. 1 If you can using Eclipse or other IDE, you may create a new project. 2 Create a new class named : ReadXPath 3 Copy ...Read More

Automatically Generate XSD from XML using FreeFormatter.com

Whether you want to learn or even cheat for getting your XSD obtained, You can generates an XSD (XML Schema) from a XML file using the service provided by FreeFormatter.com. Simply copy-paste your XML document and let the generator figure out the rest! The generator will not try to generate xs:enumeration since ...Read More

Learn xPath for Searching XML online with Examples

XPath is a language for finding and searching information in an XML document using Path Expressions which is similar to the file system syntax. xPath is almost the same as SQL for relational database systems. Given the following sample for the XML file: <jobs> <item jobid="0"> <title>The Melting Pot Hospitality Specialist</title> <company-name>Melting ...Read More

Practice XSD Schema online to validate XML documents by Examples

Here is a set of XML document and their corresponding XSD for validation. 1 Document 1: It is already done for you XML Hou Asma XSD 2 Try to write the XSD for the following XML document XML Hou Asma Sarah R M XSD . . . ...Read More

Simple Introduction to XML Schema ( XDS )

In the same way we defined the Document Type Definition (DTD), XML Schema (XSD) describes the structure of an XML document. However, the XML schema syntax is expressed in XML and has richer features including inheritance, complex types and possibility to add data constraints and pattern for XML documents. Why XML Schema ...Read More

Free Install XMLCopyEditor to Validate your XML against DTD and XSD

XML is a format for representing as well as communicating data using a self-describing way. However, XML must adhere and comply with a set of rules that specify the strucuture of XML document. Document Type Definition and XML Schema are the two well know concepts being utilized to defined the structure of ...Read More

Practice and Learn Document Type Definition to validate XML

Given the following examples for XML and Document Type Definition, Complete writing the DTD and check if your document is VALID 1 Document 1, is already done ]> Hou Asma 2 Document 2, Awaiting for you to complete it Hou Asma 3 Document 3, A bit difficult, but have a go on it ...Read More

Introduction to XML Document Type Definition by Examples

The purpose of a DTD (Document Type Definition) is to define a set of rules describing the structure of an XML document with a list of legal elements and attributes. The general structure of a DTD as as follows : <!DOCTYPE ROOT_ELEMENT [ ..... ] > For the DTD, the three main ...Read More