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Automatically Generate XSD from XML using FreeFormatter.com

Whether you want to learn or even cheat for getting your XSD obtained, You can generates an XSD (XML Schema) from a XML file using the service provided by FreeFormatter.com. Simply copy-paste your XML document and let the generator figure out the rest! The generator will not try to generate xs:enumeration since ...Read More

Practice XSD Schema online to validate XML documents by Examples

Here is a set of XML document and their corresponding XSD for validation. 1 Document 1: It is already done for you XML Hou Asma XSD 2 Try to write the XSD for the following XML document XML Hou Asma Sarah R M XSD . . . ...Read More

Simple Introduction to XML Schema ( XDS )

In the same way we defined the Document Type Definition (DTD), XML Schema (XSD) describes the structure of an XML document. However, the XML schema syntax is expressed in XML and has richer features including inheritance, complex types and possibility to add data constraints and pattern for XML documents. Why XML Schema ...Read More

Free Install XMLCopyEditor to Validate your XML against DTD and XSD

XML is a format for representing as well as communicating data using a self-describing way. However, XML must adhere and comply with a set of rules that specify the strucuture of XML document. Document Type Definition and XML Schema are the two well know concepts being utilized to defined the structure of ...Read More