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Main Features and Advantages Object-Relational Database systems ( ORDBMS )

An object-relational database is a database management system similar to a relational database, but with an object-oriented database model: objects, classes and inheritance are directly supported in database schemas as well as within the query language. The popular RDBMS on the market today is Oracle. For the main features of Object-relational database ...Read More

Making Connection to Oracle Database System with Java

Oracle Database Creation 1 Open your Apex for Oracle: Click on Start -> All Programs -> Oracle database 11g Express Edition -> Go to Database Home Page 2 Visit the SQL Command : SQL -> SQL Command 3 Execute the following SQL to create a table called friends. create table friends( fname ...Read More

Oracle : Type/Object Creation, Inheritance and Method Implementation with Examples

In this tutorial, we will try to go through a problem for modelling a system for storing polygon objects which have their own methods for computing the area or perimeter. The objects that we should have are : Point ( x , y ) Side ( Point, Point ) Polygon ( Sides) ...Read More

Tutorial for how to Get started to learn Oracle

Oracle is an object-relational database management system. It allows users to create, maintain, modify, and even erase any and all data and objects within an existing database. 1 You need to download the Oracle XE (Express Edition) to quickly get started with it. 2 Once you have downloaded the XE version, unzip ...Read More