Learn Database Systems with Implementation and Examples by Bouchrika

The main motivation behind writing this book is to teach the basic concepts of database systems through concrete and practical knowledge and examples without too many wordy and useless pages. The book is made deliberately concise and short covering the main aspects of databases that you have to master and gain either ...Read More

Motivations of why to Learn Databases

Before we define or explain what a database or even argue whether it is important for software development, let us ask the simple question: Can we create a software application without the use of a database system. To make it easier for you to answer such question, we take the simple example ...Read More

How to Convert ER Diagram to Relational Database

The ER Model is intended as a description of real-world entities. Although it is constructed in such a way as to allow easy translation to the relational schema model, this is not an entirely trivial process. The ER diagram represents the conceptual level of database design meanwhile the relational schema is the ...Read More

List of Recommended Websites to Learn Databases

Here is a set of websites that we recommend for people starting to learn databases: SQL Zoo :  http://sqlzoo.net/wiki/Main_Page SQLZoo includes tutorials and reference to support people learning SQL.   The website is available in English, German, and French. The site includes : Interactive access to several SQL engines. Sample databases, Practical exercise ...Read More

Introduction to Databases : Practical Sessions by Bouchrika

Introduction to Databases : Practical Sessions is being taught by Imed Bouchrika at the University of Souk-Ahras. Imed Bouchrika received his Bsc and PhD degrees in Electronics and Computer Science from the University of Southampton in United Kingdom in 2004 and 2008 respectively. His research areas are image processing, biometrics and automated ...Read More

SQL for Dummies by Allen G. Taylor

In this book you will learn about: Build relational databases and pull useful information from them Create a database management system using SQL Secure your database and protect it from corruption Use all the latest SQL features Create more powerful databases and easily access information — the secret is SQL! Our world ...Read More

Databases A Beginner’s Guide by Andrew J. Oppel

Learn standard database design and management techniques applicable to any type of database. Featuring clear examples using both Microsoft Access and Oracle, Databases: A Beginner’s Guide begins by showing you how to use Structured Query Language (SQL) to create and access database objects. Then, you’ll discover how to implement logical design using ...Read More

Database System Concepts – 6th edition By Abraham Silberschatz

“Database System Concepts,” 6 Edition, is intended for a first course in databases at the junior or senior undergraduate, or first-year graduate, level. In addition to basic material for a first course, the text contains advanced material that can be used for course supplements, or as introductory material for an advanced course. ...Read More

Database Systems : A Practical Approach to Design, Implementation and Management by Connolly

This best-selling book introduces the theory behind database system in a  comprehensive manner, providing database design methodology that can be used by both technical and non-technical readers. The methodology for relational Database Management Systems is presented in simple, step-by-step instructions in conjunction with a realistic worked example using three explicit phases—conceptual, logical, ...Read More

Database Fundamentals by Neeraj Sharma

Data is one of the most critical assets of any business. It is used and collected practically everywhere, from businesses trying to determine consumer patterns based on credit card usage, to space agencies trying to collect data from other planets. Database software usage is pervasive, yet it is taken for granted by ...Read More