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Free Install XMLCopyEditor to Validate your XML against DTD and XSD

XML is a format for representing as well as communicating data using a self-describing way. However, XML must adhere and comply with a set of rules that specify the strucuture of XML document. Document Type Definition and XML Schema are the two well know concepts being utilized to defined the structure of ...Read More

Practice and Learn Document Type Definition to validate XML

Given the following examples for XML and Document Type Definition, Complete writing the DTD and check if your document is VALID 1 Document 1, is already done ]> Hou Asma 2 Document 2, Awaiting for you to complete it Hou Asma 3 Document 3, A bit difficult, but have a go on it ...Read More

Introduction to XML Document Type Definition by Examples

The purpose of a DTD (Document Type Definition) is to define a set of rules describing the structure of an XML document with a list of legal elements and attributes. The general structure of a DTD as as follows : <!DOCTYPE ROOT_ELEMENT [ ..... ] > For the DTD, the three main ...Read More