SQL for Dummies by Allen G. Taylor

books In this book you will learn about:

  • Build relational databases and pull useful information from them
  • Create a database management system using SQL
  • Secure your database and protect it from corruption
  • Use all the latest SQL features

Create more powerful databases and easily access information — the secret is SQL!

Our world runs on data — more now than ever before. All that data must be stored in a logical way, secure and easily accessible. SQL is the language you use to create database management systems, implement database design, and manage data access. This guide takes you step by step through understanding and applying the latest version of SQL to help you take control of your data like a pro.

  • The basic stuff — understand the fundamentals of SQL and relational databases
  • Speaking the language — learn the language of data definition, data manipulation, and data control
  • Begin building — use a RAD tool to build a simple database, then move into multitable relational databases
  • Do things with data — discover how to add, update, and retrieve data, and delete what you no longer need
  • Find what you want — examine techniques for querying your database to retrieve exactly the data you’re looking for
  • Keep it safe — manage user access, make your data less vulnerable to corruption, and understand threats
  • Alphabet soup — master ODBC and JDBC access, and use SQL on XML data
  • Advanced SQL — explore adding procedural capabilities with persistent stored modules and handling errors

Open the book and find:

  • The wide array of data types
  • How to use SQL on the Internet
  • Tips for designing tables
  • Ways to maintain data integrity
  • What you should know about values and value expressions
  • How to use subqueries and recursive queries
  • All about using triggers
  • Ten common mistakes to avoid

About the Author

Allen G. Taylor is a 30-year veteran of the computer industry. He lectures nationally on databases, innovation, and entrepreneurship, and teaches database development internationally through a leading online education provider. He has written more than 20 books, including all editions of SQL For Dummies.

Customer Reviews:

It’s not that it’s a “bad” book, but it isn’t what I would expect from a “for Dummies” book. I was looking for something that would help me writing ad-hoc queries using SQL Developer for quick data analysis. Unfortunately, it’s more a book for writing procedures, etc. While I don’t dispute it’s useful for that, b/c of the procedure focus, it doesn’t have a lot of information specific to individual commands. I’ve been able to ferret out some information, but it’s an effort to find what I’m looking for. Oh well. I’ll probably stick to “trial & error” in most cases.

Another Review:

They should really put in the sales description which people this book is for…..I found that after reading the first few chapters where they blatantly tell you this isn’t really for beginners.