Database Fundamentals by Neeraj Sharma

books Data is one of the most critical assets of any business. It is used and collected practically everywhere, from businesses trying to determine consumer patterns based on credit card usage, to space agencies trying to collect data from other planets. Database software usage is pervasive, yet it is taken for granted by the billions of daily users worldwide.

This book gets you started into the fascinating world of databases. It provides the fundamentals of database management systems with specific reference to IBM DB2. Using DB2 Express-C, the free version of DB2, you will learn all the elements that make up database systems, databases, the SQL language, and XML. The book includes examples and exercises that will give you good hands-on experience and allow you to explore yourself how database concepts actually work.

The main sections included within this book are:

  1. Understand relational, information and conceptual models
  2. Learn how to design databases
  3. Start writing SQL statements, database functions and
  4. procedures
  5. Know how DB2 pureXML seamlessly integrates XML and
  6. relational data
  7. Understand database security
  8. Practice using hands-on exercises