List of Recommended Websites to Learn Databases

Here is a set of websites that we recommend for people starting to learn databases:

  • SQL Zoo :
    databases SQLZoo includes tutorials and reference to support people learning SQL.   The website is available in English, German, and French. The site includes : Interactive access to several SQL engines. Sample databases, Practical exercise and Instant feedback of SQL Queries


  • Tutorials Point:
    The tutorialspoint is an absolutely FREE website which has been created to provide quality online education to the people who are enthusiastic to study different technical and non-technical subjects in “Simply Easy Learning” way….


  • SQL Fiddle :
      Is one of the best websites which is highly recommended ! You can execute DDL SQL queries including table creation, data insertion as well as data retrieval using SELECT. The website supports a number of DMBS including MySQL, Oracle, SQLite and PostgreSQL.


  • Quackit :
    Quackit has a section for beginners to learn SQL covering all the SQL commands such as SELECT,  INSERT, Functions and so on. Tutorials are accompanied with practical SQL examples that can executed and tested.


Further Databases References:

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